Northern Virginia Transportation Authority Adopts Northern Virginia’s Updated Long-Range Transportation Plan

Dec 9, 2022

It’s a milestone with regional impacts that happens once every five years.

Northern Virginia, December 8, 2022 – On the evening of December 8th, the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority (NVTA) adopted the updated long-range transportation plan for Northern Virginia, TransAction. This update occurs every five years, addressing regional transportation needs through 2045. TransAction is used to evaluate potential region-wide impacts of numerous projects, including transit, bike and pedestrian, roadway, transportation technologies, and more. With the TransAction Update adoption, the NVTA continues to build momentum to keep a uniquely connected region moving.

TransAction includes a plan document and associated list of 424 transportation projects identified to reduce traffic congestion and improve travel throughout the region. TransAction outlines an array of projects that represent options for how Northern Virginia can achieve its transportation vision and goals of enhancing mobility, increasing accessibility and improving resiliency.

New to this TransAction Update is the inclusion of a seamlessly connected Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system across NoVA. The vision for this regional BRT system is that it will bridge the gap between the region’s backbone rail network (Metrorail and Virginia Railway Express) and the many local and commuter bus services provided throughout Northern Virginia, providing commuters with new and meaningful travel choices. Such a system could reduce traffic congestion, increase access to jobs, reduce (and possibly reverse) dependency on driving alone, increase transit ridership, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

When looking out to 2045, the population of Northern Virginia is projected to grow by 23% to 3.14 million, and employment by 33% to 1.94 million. This makes investments in a multimodal transportation network essential, as no single project, program, policy or mode will address all the region’s transportation needs. Without significant investment in transportation, traffic congestion, delay and accessibility will continue to worsen through 2045, reducing quality of life in Northern Virginia.

How TransAction Will Benefit the Region:

  • Enhances Mobility – The combined effects of the multimodal investments in TransAction are projected to decrease person-hours of delay by 19% and reduce the duration of severe congestion by 29%. TransAction also addresses gaps in the current transportation system for roads, transit and trails.
  • Increases Accessibility –TransAction creates a multimodal transportation network that is more accessible, providing an 18% increase in the jobs that can be reached within a reasonable commute across all modes, whether via transit, roadway or bike. Accessibility gains are even greater (22%) for underserved communities, which can benefit significantly from having additional travel choices.
  • Improves Resiliency – TransAction provides a continued emphasis on safety. TransAction also includes significant alternatives to driving in single-occupancy vehicles. The two most common ways to reduce transportation greenhouse gas emissions are less driving and use of low/Zero Emission Vehicles. TransAction supports both.

Read more about the ways the region will benefit from the adoption of the TransAction Update, here.  

It takes a region. The 424 candidate regional projects and programs identified in TransAction would cost an estimated $75 billion if implemented, exceeding the NVTA’s expected funding available through 2045. Some projects within TransAction expand beyond NoVA, which are not eligible to receive NVTA regional revenues. Other sources, including federal, state, local and private dollars, may be available to help close the funding gap. Regional collaboration and the ability to work beyond jurisdictional lines is key to getting people to their destinations faster and spending less time stuck in traffic.

TransAction is not the end of the planning process. Inclusion of projects in TransAction does not represent a funding commitment. Inclusion of projects in TransAction does provide an initial eligibility filter for projects located in NoVA that may eventually be considered for NVTA’s regional revenues as part of NVTA’s separate funding process, the Six Year Program.

For more information about the adopted TransAction Plan and TransAction Project List, as well as previous public participation opportunities as part of the update process, please visit

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The NVTA was created by the General Assembly on July 1, 2002, to offer a common voice for Northern Virginia on transportation issues confronting the region. The Authority is made up of nine jurisdictions including: the counties of Arlington, Fairfax, Loudoun and Prince William; as well as the cities of Alexandria, Fairfax, Falls Church, Manassas and Manassas Park. The Authority is responsible for updating Northern Virginia’s long-range transportation plan, TransAction, and since 2014 manages approximately $365 million annually in public funds for transportation projects designed to provide congestion relief throughout Northern Virginia. For more information visit

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