Blog Series: TransAction At-a-Glance (Post #1) TransAction Goals, Objectives and Performance Measures

Feb 22, 2022

Transportation is a major issue in Northern Virginia, affecting everyday life for millions of residents and the economic health of our businesses. To help address these issues, the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority developed a vision for the future of transportation in the region:

“Northern Virginia will plan for, and invest in, a safe, equitable, sustainable, and integrated multimodal transportation system that enhances quality of life, strengthens the economy, and builds resilience.”

To achieve that vision for transportation, while improving quality of life for all Northern Virginia residents, NVTA is focused on improving mobility, accessibility, and resiliency across all transportation modes, including roads, transit, walking, and bicycling.

NVTA’s Core Values

The TransAction goals are aligned with NVTA’s core values of equity, sustainability, and safety to ensure that we achieve the regional vision in a way that is consistent with our values. The goals express what we want to achieve, and the core values indicate how we will achieve the goals.

Core Values

What’s Next: Evaluating Projects to Help Improve NoVA’s Transportation System

Over the next few months, potential transportation improvement projects will be evaluated based on their ability to help meet our objectives to make the region’s transportation system work better for Northern Virginians. A detailed list of NVTA’s goals, seven objectives, performance measures, and weights that will be used in the evaluation process are shown below. Ultimately, NVTA will pursue a set of projects that have broad benefits and help achieve the regional transportation vision.

Approved Goals, Objectives and Performance Measures

Goal Objective Performance Measure Weight Alignment with
Core Values
Mobility: Enhance quality of life of Northern Virginians by improving performance of the multimodal transportation system A. Reduce congestion and delay A1. Total Person-Hours of Delay in autos 10 Sustainability
A2. Total Person-Hours of Delay on Transit 10 Equity
B. Improve travel time reliability B1. Duration of Severe Congestion 10 Sustainability Safety
B2. Transit person-miles in dedicated/priority ROW 10 Equity Sustainability
Accessibility: Strengthen the region’s economy by increasing access to jobs, employees, markets, and destinations for all communities C. Improve access to jobs C1. Access to jobs by car, transit, and bike 10 Sustainability
C2. Access to jobs by car, transit, and bike for EEA populations 10 Equity
D. Reduce dependence on driving alone by improving conditions for people accessing transit and using other modes D1. Quality of access to transit and the walk/bike network 15 Equity Sustainability Safety
Resiliency: Improve the transportation system’s ability to anticipate, prepare for, and adapt to changing conditions and withstand, respond to, and recover rapidly from disruptions.
E. Improve safety and security of the multimodal transportation system E1. Potential for safety and security improvements 10 Safety
F. Reduce Transportation related emissions F1. Vehicle Emissions 10 Equity Sustainability
G. Maintain operations of the regional transportation system during extreme conditions G1. Transportation System Redundancy 5 Equity Safety

Note: Transit may include High Occupancy Vehicles (HOV)

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